November 6th, 2017 

Range Officers shoot November 5th, and RO on the 6th. (No RO Experience Required)

2017 Match starts in 


Sunday 11/5/2017: RO Briefing 0700.  Shooting begins at 0730.  Mags loaded. No Steel.

Monday 11/6/2017: 0600- 0700: Breakfast at the JESTC Staff Development Center

               0700: Shooters Briefing.   Shooting begins at 0730. Mags loaded, no steel!

Breaking news:  

Awesome and Unique Match T-shirt Design Leaked From Inside Source:

Despite best efforts to keep our annual T-shirt design from going public to avoid a panicked rush for them,  the 2017 Voodoo T-shirt design has been leaked.  Tim Morales, both a founding father of this match and manager of Louisiana Garment Silk Screeners, Inc (a match sponsor and supplier of our tees)  had this to say about the sneaky leaker: “We’re going to find the source of this leak and deal with it.  It is irresponsible, and could wreak havoc. It has eliminated the element of surprise. These tees are the coolest yet!”

Front left corner   


Back of T-shirt:


Trijicon ACOG 4x Scope

Trijicon ACOG 4X Scope

to be awarded to a lucky Range Officer

All Range Officers will be automatically entered into a random drawing to win a

Trijicon ACOG 4X Scope, thanks to a generous sponsor!




Can you and your teammate outscore the other teams?

Sign-up is now open for the 2-Man Team Shoot competition. Thanks 

This virtual match consists of 2-man teams from the same LE department or Military branch, one from each match division (TacOps, TacIrons). The combined final scores from VOB3gun are combined for a team score.

The rules are simple, and the sign-up procedure is simple:

The top 4 teams will compete in a shoot-off after the VOB3gun is completed to determine the Grand Champions of this competition, who each will receive winner award certificates proclaiming their superiority over their peers, unlimited lifetime bragging rights, and the pride, honor, and prestige associated with your difficult achievement.

Teammates must be finalized before the RO match starts,  and registration and small fee for this competition must be completed by 5pm on Saturday, November 4th, 2017.

Online registration instructions: 

1. Only ONE teammate should register the team and team name, and pay the $25.00 team fee using the link below. (You can collect the $12.50 from your teammate).  Registration Link: https://practiscore.com/vob3gun-team-competition/register

2. In the event that either you or your partner can’t make the VOB3gun match, we will refund this $25.00 fee 100% if you can’t find another shooter to team up with, until match shooting starts for RO’s on 11/5/17. Otherwise, changes must be completed by 5pm, Sat., Nov 4th. Changes can be made by clicking on your personal Practiscore web link for THIS match (not the main match), and edit your name or your teammates name.

In the event of time or weather constraints (as decided by the match director), the shoot-off will be scrapped, and the winning team shall be the team with the highest combined VOB3gun match score.  Don’t wait to register!


VB3Gun 2017

Monday, November 6, 2017

5 Stages.  Active Law Enforcement/Military Only

Voodoo on the Bayou 3-gun 2017 will be held on Monday, November 6, 2017 at the Louisiana

Joint Emergency Services Training Center (JESTC)

in Zachary, Louisiana.

 Range Maps:

click on images to view

The Fallen Louisiana

Law Enforcement Officers Fund

Voodoo on the Bayou 3-gun match is the annual fund-raiser sponsored by the Fallen Louisiana Law Enforcement Officers Fund. This fund is a non-profit corporation that makes respite grants to families of Louisiana law enforcement officer’s families who have lost their loved one in the line of duty.  For more information, or to donate directly, please contact the Match Director, John Huber.


 Facebook- find us

On November 6th, 2017, the Seventh Annual Voodoo on the Bayou 3 Gun Competition will be held and we have a new venue. This year the match will be held again at the Joint Emergency Services Training Center in Zachary, La. The competitors in this match are mostly Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Officers and Military from Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, but last year included LE from New Mexico . Last year we had over 100 competitors and our sponsors really came through with some great donations and a deep prize table. Our biggest hope for this event, besides having a fun time shooting, is that our law enforcement competitors can take back to their profession something they can use in their everyday lives to protect themselves, our citizens, and our country.
A little history on how this match began back in 2011. FBI Special Agent John Huber and Louisiana State Trooper Tommy Noto have both been competing in local and national matches for over 8 years. They realized the valuable experience they derived from the matches and how it translated over to their professional lives. They decided to have a match that not only serves as a Competition Shooting Event, but one that also gives our participants some fun training, scenarios, and experience under an artificially induced adrenaline rush. This idea was then picked up by two guys that have introduced more people to the shooting sports than anybody in South Louisiana, Joe and Tommy Wong. They put together a team of other local shooters to help out such as their nephew Jason Wong, Ricky Mannino, Deputy Jimmy Travis and Tim Morales.
That “X” in our match logo should look familiar to anyone from the Greater New Orleans area. It was inspired by the “X”‘ spray painted on our homes after Hurricane Katrina by some of the guys that are actually shooting this
match and whom protected our city and homes after that catastrophic event.
Hope to see you this November!
Tim Morales, Joe Wong, Tommy Wong



2016 winners were:

Jude Autin: Tactical Optics

Christopher Dimenna: Tactical Irons

PHOTO LINK:   VOB3gun2016 Photos