To register, we must follow
       To be one of us, you must join us!

Register for Voodoo on the Bayou 3-gun on Practiscore

Be sure to read below before clicking the register button, unless you already know how Practicscore registration works!

After clicking the link to register, you will be directed to the Practiscore web site registration.



1.Click to “Create an account or login” .  

Login or Create  your own free Practiscore account- Practiscore now REQUIRES that you create a free account.

Fill in the registration form.  IMPORTANT: Your official  agency email address is needed to register to confirm you are an active, sworn LE or Military.  Match correspondence however can take place on your personal email if you wish, after your registration is confirmed by going to your Practiscore personal match page and changing your email address to your preferred personal email.

Read the Waiver and “No Steel Projectiles” part, and click the “agree” part. Submit your credit card payment information.

Click Register.

2. You will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your registration form and payment. (If you need a receipt, please e-mail match director).

Your registration form will be reviewed and approved by the Match Director to be sure you qualify as an active Law Enforcement or Military. If not, we will issue you a full refund. 

3. Early entrants:  Your e-mail may indicate incorrectly that you may self-squad.  As we approach match date, squadding will be opened.  We’ll notify you when it is.

 4. Refunds and Withdrawal Policy:  If you must withdraw prior to the match, you must either sign-in to your Practiscore Match page and click on the “Withdraw” key, or for extenuating professional circumstances, contact the Match Director with an e-mail request to withdraw.  Refunds will be issued as follows: 

MORE THAN 8 weeks from match day (Sept 10)= Full refund; 6-8 weeks (Sept 10-Sept 23)= 75% refund; 4-6 weeks (Sept 24- Oct 7)= 50% refund; 2-4 weeks from match day (Oct 8-Oct 21)= 25% refund. Less then 2 weeks (Oct 22 or after)= 0% refund.



IMPORTANT: in Practiscore, the “Donate to Practiscore” box is NOT the match payment box. The match payment boxes are found at the bottom of the registration form. Feel free to donate to help out the Practiscore developers, but it does not count towards the entry fee.

Click here to Register for Voodoo on the Bayou 3-gun on Practiscore